Glass Pumpkin

MIT has a glass blowing class for members of the MIT community.  Throughout the year they work in teams of 6 or 7 to produce 1000-1200 pumpkins for the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch.   The pumpkins are put on on sale with the proceeds going to benefit the MIT Glass Lab. 

The pumpkin above was probably in the $400 range.  The smallest pumpkins went for $25 with the larger ones going for $800 or more.  Thankfully, they have a preview the day before the sale and it was free to take pictures!

 Checkout their website: 


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  1. Oooh, I love glass objects, whether it’s an old blue medicine bottle dug up from the ground or something new and decorative like this. I’d like to see this exhibit in person sometime, maybe next year? The colors in this pic are lovely diffused. It gives it a certain aged patina which I like.

  2. At first I wasn’t sure about going to see this exhibit- I was tired and thought about just going home. But Lesley at work said she was driving over and so I said I’d go. I’m really glad I did. The detail on some of the pumpkins were absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t mind going back next year for the sale and buying a small one. If you’re in town we can go over together.

  3. Good choice for today. It’s beautiful.

  4. Thanks Mom. I would have bought you one but they’re $400 dollars! A picture is less likely to break so I can print you out a photo. It’s the thought that counts right?

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