Taylor & Infry

Another shot of the engaged couple. Since I knew we were shooting at sunset and I would probably need to do some fill flash (so they wouldn’t be a silhouette with the sun behind them) I borrowed a softbox light from a co-worker. I do have the bracket arm that allows you to put the flash higher on the camera but I wanted to try an off camera light. So, I put the flash/softbox on a stand and brought it out onto the jetty with us. What I forgot to take into consideration is that 1) we were on uneven rocks and 2) it’s windy on the jetty. This meant that I could not just leave the light stand in one spot and move away from it or it would fall over. I either needed to have a sandbag or an extra person to hold it. Instead I basically wrappped my leg around the lightstand and tried to take pictures that way.

It worked okay but it didn’t give me the freedom I wanted to try different angles while shooting. Luckily, we only used the flash for a few photos. This photo is one of them.

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  1. It’s awesome Jamie!

  2. Thanks, Deb.

  3. shirley

    This is a wonderful portrait. I love it and love the quality of the light.

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