I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I did an engagement photo shoot on Monday night. This was a first for me. I always find it a bit nerve racking to take pictures of people where they are the main subject. I’m much more comfortable at landscapes and casual photos of people. However, for family and friends I’m usually willing to give it a try (and it’s good practice).

Taylor is a cousin, so of course I said I’d take her engagement photos. She is also very photogenic and some of my best profile pictures are of her, which include a senior photo and Trash the Dress session.

Since, Taylor and Infry’s first date was taking a walk along the jetty, we decided that’s where we’d take the engagement photos. I’m pretty sure it was warmer, than the high 20s, on their first date! Probably the hardest part of the shoot for them was trying to look warm. For me, it was trying to keep my hands functioning since they were frozen and could hardly navigate the camera buttons.

We were fortunate to have a pretty sunset, even though at one point it started to get a little too cloudy. I want some clouds in the pictures, as it adds depth to the photo, but not so many clouds that it becomes one big gray sky.

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  1. Beautiful!!!

  2. It took a lot for them to look casual and not freezing while walking back and forth.

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