Bake-Off: 2x Winner

Yes folks, that’s right, I was a 2x winner at the Bake-off! In the first image you can see the final presentation of my baked goods. The judges voted my “Global Warming Winter” entry as the “Best Display” and the staff picked it as the “Popular” vote. My prize? More chocolate!!

For anyone wondering, those are Oreo cookie balls. You take a package of Oreo cookies and a package of cream cheese and blend until smooth. Then roll into balls and dip them in a vanilla wafer candy coating. The melted snowmen are made the same except you decorate them with a mini Oreo cookie hat and I used orange Tic Tac for a nose. The eyes are mini chocolate chips and food coloring for a mouth. I had to have 25-35 small pieces for judges so I decided on the snowball tree. This way they could just grab one of the cookie balls off the tree.

Santa and reindeer are tree ornaments (non-edible). The pinecone trees consist of peanut butter, Nutella chocolate flavor, a pretzel stick and Fiber One chocolate cereal. Added a dusting of snow with confectioners sugar.

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  1. Ha! Congratulations!! xoxo

  2. Very impressive!

  3. thank you 😉

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