Today we have a bake-off at work. I seemed to have gotten a little carried away with my entry. I was going to make my traditional chocolate chip cookies, which everyone loves, or my cinnamon kisses but instead I thought I’d look for something more holiday themed.

My first mistake was looking for ideas on Pinterest, my second, was not learning from my past mistakes. At this time of season I tend to get caught up in grand ideas of being creative when I should just keep it simple (and creative). I actually told myself a few years ago that I could only do creative photo gift ideas because everything else I tried to make ended up becoming extremely stressful. Plus, with this being the busiest time at work (end of the semester) and being booked with holiday activities, I don’t know why I think I have time to do these type of things.

To late now because as you can see in these photos I made more than one item: pinecone trees, melted snowmen and I also have a snowball tree. I’ll show a photo tomorrow of the tree if it survives the commute. That’s another thing I didn’t take into consideration, a 90 minute commute with all these goodies! I seriously think I must like to stress myself out. I do have a plan if things don’t travel well. I decided to have a theme (see how out of control I get) of Global Warming so if anything falls apart I’ll just add more frosting to make it look “planned.”

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  1. I love your can-do spirit, friend. Love.

  2. Thank you very much. Now it’s a very tired can-do spirit :-).

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