At first I was rushing through the miniland trying to take lots of photos. I had no idea what was next on the tour and I needed to keep up with the family I came with. However, we walked into the next room that had a variety of rides/games for the kids so while they did that I went back into the miniland. At one point I made myself put down the camera and just enjoy the intricate setup of the Legos. It would be so much fun to have the job of building these minilands. Actually, I don’t want to build the buildings as much as I want to add the people and the accessories.

I started taking some closeup photos and playing with depth of field but didn’t really “see” these images until I got them home on the computer. In the bottom image, notice the look of horror on the man’s face on the far right. The biker is not paying attention and about to ride right into the glass!