On Sunday, I visited LegoLand Discovery Center with friends (I needed their kids to be able to get in). I wasn’t sure if you were allowed to take photos, but no where on the site did they say you couldn’t, so I only brought my smaller Canon G15. I didn’t need to worry as you can take as many photos you want, with or without flash and I saw a few people with DSLR cameras.

Outside the building is a 20 foot tall Lego giraffe (it actually looked taller to me). Inside they have a Lego miniland of Boston landmarks. This is why I really wanted to go. The miniland was worth the money but I don’t think I’d go more than once (unless, I could go in to the miniland with no one else around and take photos with a tripod). I like how the miniland had a replica of the 20 ft. giraffe.

Just an fyi that the miniland is not to scale as the Bunker Hill Tower is not right next to the Assembly Row Mall and neither is the Constitution parked in front of the LegoLand building.