Things Are Looking Up

I don’t buy sparkling jewelry- I’m allergic to most metals
I don’t buy sequined dresses- I like comfort and shop LL Bean
I don’t buy glittery shoes- again, comfort
But, a shiny new piece of technology, well…you had me at shiny!

I just purchased the new Canon 70D. I’ve had my Canon Rebel XTi for 7 years and I feel like I’ve outgrown it. It was a great camera to begin with and I even thought about going with the newer Rebel series but I wanted a camera I could really grow into and the 70D is perfect. Lots of buttons to learn but even in the two days I’ve used it I can see a huge difference in the noise level (graininess) of the pictures. With my old Rebel I couldn’t go above 400 ISO and even then I usually had to add noise reduction in post processing. With the 70D I’ve yet to see any noise in my photos. The images are sharp, the colors are vibrant and this camera takes photos FAST!

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  1. Looks like the upgrade was well worth it. Nice picture, Jamie.

  2. Beautiful picture! Congrats on the new camera.

  3. Thank you! Expensive but I’m already sure it is well worth it.

  4. Congratulations! Gorgeous shot. The detail on the petals is fabulous.

  5. Thanks, Shirley. I thought I’d be home early tonight and I’d go outside with the camera but train issues had me getting home after dark. Maybe tomorrow!

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