This is my cousin Taylor. You may remember her from this photo I took of her and my nephew Josh, their senior year. Taylor emailed me saying that she would like to have me photograph pictures of her doing “Trash the Dress.” Typically, Trash the Dress is done with wedding dresses. Usually, the bride is photographed in her dress in an environment out of place for a such an elegant dress. However, people are also doing it with prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses.

Taylor wanted to wear her prom dress and take photos by the ocean. I had her meet me at Brewster Garden in Plymouth to start. I figured we should start off with some nice photos and then get the dress a little messed up at the end. While it might have been fun to get her into the fountain I really liked the shots where she was sitting in front of the fountain and the water splashed behind her. It’s not hard taking good photos of Taylor, she’s beautiful and her skin is flawless (no photoshopping of blemishes needed).