Last night, Mom, Dad, and my friend Karen, joined me on a tour of Beacon Hill called, Beacon Hill Uncensored. From their website: “We will stroll through Boston Common and the scenic streets of Beacon Hill as we discuss the seedy past of this now upscale neighborhood and the more colorful characters whose mark on history is often overlooked – a sleepwalking murderer and Boston’s earliest known nudist, just to name a few!”

It was a beautiful night for a stroll through Boston. I learned (and already forgot) many things about how Beacon Hill came to be and the people that lived there. I would love to have a place in Beacon Hill. These shots are from Acorn Street, one of the post photographed streets in Boston. How perfect that this dog was laying outside the door! What a good girl she must be to stay right in front of her home (no leash).

Now I need to go back and take photos again with my good camera. These shots were taken with my iPhone.