Yesterday’s commute to work was very somber. I debated on whether to call in sick/work from home so I wouldn’t have to travel into Boston but then I decided it would be best to go in and confront the anxiety uncertainty of everything that happened on Monday. It was extremely quiet on the commuter rail and not just due to it being April vacation.

I took the train to Back Bay and walked down towards Copley Plaza. One of those needs to “see it to believe it.” I didn’t stay long and only took a couple of photos as I didn’t want to sensationalize the situation anymore than it already has been. It was swarming with every TV news team on the east coast and probably beyond. The stories have been hard to hear/watch and at times impossible to turn off. The acts of heroism by first responders, spectators, and the community outpouring of support have helped to restore my faith that good prevails over evil. 

I’ve learned that a few people I know were near the blasts but were thankfully unhurt physically (emotionally, it has been hard) and a couple people I know were friends with one of the victims. I wish I knew how to help them heal. If only I had some profound words of wisdom. But all I can think of is that when I have anxiety/panic I’ve been told to breathe (sometimes even into a paper bag). Meditation tells you to focus on the breath as it brings you back to your center. All I can think to say is…

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed, BREATHE.
Sad and confused by what all this means, BREATHE.
Finding comfort in friends and family, BREATHE.
Enjoying a laugh because you need it, BREATHE.
Being strong and moving forward, BREATHE.

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  1. Melissa

    Wonderfully said, Jamie. It’s so strange to see the hotel where I stay in Boston surrounded by police… Sad day for Boston. 🙁

  2. Very sad. They still have the area closed around Copley. Strange not to be able to walk down Boylston Street.

  3. We consider Boston our home away from home and our hearts have been heavy. Glad to know that you and your loved ones are OK. Very compelling images….and words.

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