Boston Mourning

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have the day off from work due to Patriot’s Day. I was also happy not to have to deal with the Red Sox game and the Boston Marathon traffic. Now, I’m just extremely saddened by the devastation from 2 bombs going off near the marathon finish line. Patriot’s Day will now have a whole new meaning.

These flowers were supposed to be a shot to show how lovely it is to have Spring here. Now, they are more of a memorial to those that were killed and injured in the blasts. My heart goes out to all those injured, their families, and to all of us for having to deal with another tragedy in this country. I will say that it was encouraging to hear how many people opened their homes to runners that had no place to stay. 

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  1. Thank you for your sentiment Jamie. Being a native of the Boston area I am in deep shock and grief regarding the Boston Marathon tragedy. Runners were my community for many many years. I had felt embraced and supported during my 13 years of foot racing by the running community at large. Running changed my life and was a non political ,egalitarian venue for many such as myself to find acceptance and support
    regardless of station in life.
    My heart is with the victims and their families.
    So sad to think that anyone that could perpetrate this
    could think they have accomplished anything of significance
    in a political sense, that anything could justify this type of violence
    against their brethern.
    Just more misery on a human scale.
    A sad day.

  2. Very sad to hear about the tragedy in your city. Thanks for sharing and our thoughts go out to the friends & families of those effected by this horrific event. Your photo brings some brightness and colour to an otherwise gloomy & sad occasion. Take care Jamie.

  3. Jamie Traynor

    Eddie and RJ, thank you for your kind words. It’s sad to think that there are people out there that are willing to take innocent lives for whatever cause it is they believe in. As a nation we are stronger than those individuals but it does hurt.

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