Labor Day

It’s always hard to believe that summer is basically over when Labor Day rolls around. This summer I had taken every Friday off. It was great! On Fridays I would go down to Mom’s and we would go to Zumba class. Then I would usually visit friends or go to lunch with Mom. I think since I was so busy on the weekends that summer really flew by. 

Yesterday, I went out to Saquish for the day. It’s always fun to hang out with the cousins, aunts and uncle. My cousin Michelle said she hadn’t been up to the lighthouse. This was shocking to me so I said we need to drive right over to it and get out so you can take some pictures. I’ve taken many shots of the lighthouse so it’s hard to find a new way to capture it. What I liked about this shot was that the purple flowers were all blooming in the foreground.

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  1. I’m going to miss Summer and Fridays. Next year, all over again!
    Nice shot of the lighthouse.

  2. Im going to miss our Fridays also. Hope I can take them off again next year.

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