Bear Bear

This is Bear Bear. She belongs to the sister (and nieces/nephews) of my sister-in-law. I think they said Bear Bear was around 17 years old. She moves very, very, slow. I mentioned on yesterday’s photo that I had stayed behind while everyone had gone off on the boat. Well, Bear Bear stayed behind also and sat almost the whole time at the end of the dock waiting for their return. Finally, they were coming towards the dock. She was so happy to see everyone.

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  1. Melissa

    What a wonderful, wise old face!

  2. Yes, she is a good ol wise dog.

  3. Bear IS a sweet, loyal girl. I love her!

  4. I love Bearbear so much! she has such a cute face. i am so glad shes my pup. she is a beautiful little girl.again,i love her soooo much!!!!(:

  5. You are lucky to have such a wonderful dog!

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