Central Park Zoo: Polar Bear

It was really difficult to get a shot of the polar bear. It was crowded so it was hard to get a good spot up front. Plus I had to shot down through a glass barrier. You could also go down a level and see the polar bear if he was in the water. Since it was very hot out he did jump in. The water is a bit murky but I really liked this shot, “bear butt.”

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  1. shirley

    I love these. I am partial to the top one, I really like the color of the water and the rippled/wavy texture of the water/glass. And the bear. The sweet bear.
    The second pic has an old time, ghostly feel to it that is unexpected knowing where and when you shot it 🙂

  2. Jamie

    I had to make the bottom one b&w so you could see it better. It does kind of look like a still frame from an old movie 🙂

  3. That top one’s a beautiful shot of the polar bear. it looks like a painting. And I like that it has kind of a somber mood to it, b/c I think the polar bear is kind of sad to have to live in that tiny habitat.

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