4th of July and Family

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. It was a strange 4th this year. Part of it had to do with the day falling in the middle of the week. Usually, it seems like we get the day before or the day after off also but not this year. Also, the weather was strange. I woke up and it was pouring outside. The weather people said it would clear up and be nice by late morning. We decided to trust the weather people (unheard of!) and drove out to Saquish in the rain. Well, thank goodness we did because the weather cleared and we had a gorgeous day at the beach! Then when it was time to leave the clouds started moving in and we had torrential downpours on the way home. 

Here’s the gang that made it out to Saquish this 4th of July. It’s kind of funny that most of the people are from my father’s side of the family and not my aunt and uncle’s (who own the cottage). But then again, we are all one big family!! 

As always, thank you to Aunt Jud and Uncle John who make this all possible!

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  1. shirley

    What an awesome group shot! Glad you guys had such a wonderful day 🙂

  2. Judy Shea

    Great picture Jamie!

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