Maya vs Gorilla

Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the video of Maya and Gorilla playing.

It was a year ago (this past Sunday) that I adopted Maya. When I knew I was going to the shelter to look at kittens I got the cat carrier out and decided I should put a stuffed animal in it to keep the kitten company. I had this Gorilla that my aunt had given me and thought it would be a good companion. I had no idea how attached Maya would become to him. This is her buddy who keeps her company when I am at work. Every day when I leave the house I put Gorilla on the bed. And every day when I come home Gorilla is in the livingroom. I’m not sure if Maya wants the bed to herself or if she just wants Gorilla in the livingroom with her.

They started out around the same size but now Maya is twice as big as Gorilla. Also, Gorilla is starting to show a lot of wear and tear. I found a replacement Gorilla but Maya knows the difference. Gorilla has a distinct smell to him at this point from Maya grooming him. In the video below you can see how well they “play” together. If you cannot see the video try this link.

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  1. Maya and Gorilla need to come for a visit.

  2. Jamie

    Yes, I’ll have to bring them down soon!

  3. sandy

    Congratulations on your first anniversary together! You are such a good mom to have thought about putting a stuffed animal in the carrier! Instead of a gorilla, my Girl spent her life loving a drawstring she pulled out of a hoodie. Videos of a cat meowing and dragging a string around an apartment is not nearly as cute as videos of a cat kicking a gorilla’s behind!

  4. shirley

    Happy anniversary! Maya is so beautiful and has gotten so big! xo

  5. Jamie

    Sandy, Maya also enjoys pulling string from a hoodie but as you said it isn’t as entertaining. It’s very funny to watch her interact with Gorilla.
    Shirley, she got really big!! She is so long when she stretches out but still such a cutie.

  6. Melissa

    She’s so cute! I love the pink pads on her feet. Happy Anniversary! There aren’t enough words to describe how much a pet means in one’s life.

  7. Jamie

    Thanks Melissa 🙂

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