Rosa Rugosa…How’s it Gosa

Happy Birthday to my nephew, Josh! I can’t believe this is your last year as a teenager!! Also, thoughts and prayers to all the service men, women and their families for their courage and sacrafices. God bless you and thank you.

On Saturday I went out to Saquish with my Mom, aunt and cousin. The weather people said it was supposed to be the better day out of the weekend. It was humid and mostly cloudy but it still felt good to be at the beach. Sunday actually ended up being the best day but there really isn’t a bad day at Saquish (maybe the day the cottage was hit by lightning but we all survived so it ended up being good). Anyway, on the way out to the beach and at the beach, we saw tons of Beach Roses (Rosa Rugosas). Such a pretty color.

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  1. shirley

    Very pretty. Love that color!

  2. Ahh Saquish and the beach roses.

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