Fun in the Park

As I was getting ready to get into my car to head home from a great New Year’s day of taking photos this dog caught my eye. He looked as if he was enjoying the unseasonable warm weather just as much as us humans. Pretty good catch!

Speaking of warm weather. We once again had temperatures much warmer than average on Saturday. My aunt texted me to say it was 61 in Plymouth! I spent the weekend in Boston with my nephews, my brother, Chris and sister-in-law, Karen. I don’t think it was 61 in town but it was definitely in the high 50s. We walked around Downtown Crossing, grabbed lunch and then headed over to the Museum of Science. We saw a Planetarium and Omni show as well as checking out the exhibit hall. Our gift to our nephews was a weekend in Boston. We stayed at a hotel just down the street from the museum. Yesterday wasn’t as warm as Saturday but it was still a nice day. We left the hotel and drove into town. We walked around Beacon Hill and then headed over to Chinatown for lunch. We did a lot of eating in 2 days!! Everyone had a great time and it was so nice to be able to spend time with the nephews.

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  1. Pretty good picture!

  2. shirley

    Nice shot! And what a wonderful way to spend the weekend! A gift for you all 🙂

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