As I we were walking across the parking lot we saw this woman feeding the seagulls. Of course we all ran over to take pictures. I really wish I had a longer lens when I was taking these photos. I was pretty close but I still had to crop the images to get the closer photos. I think the cameras made the woman a little braver than usual as she said she had never tried feeding them right out of her hand. A few people in the group posted some shots of this same scene and they had some really great close-ups of the birds taking the food out of her hand.

You can see in the last photo that she was surrounded by quite a few birds. When they were done they started to fly off right at me. I felt like I was in the Hitchcock movie, The Birds. I wish I had a good photo to show of the birds coming at me but they were all pretty blury.  Amazingly I did not get any bird droppings on me (I did put my hood up just in case).