Evening Fire

Yesterday, I showed an image of Monday morning’s sky. It took my breath away when I walked out the door to catch the train. Well, Monday night when I walked outside my office building to head to the train I was even more amazed by the evening sky. This shot just doesn’t show the magnitude of these clouds or the colors. It really did look like the sky was on fire. I wanted to hop into a car and find the perfect spot to take the photo but I couldn’t so I had to make due with what was in front of me. I wish the buildings weren’t covering the clouds as much. The second shot is just a couple blocks away from the first where I knew the sky would be more open but the clouds had already moved through.

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  1. Yeah, winter sunsets in the northeast are completely spectacular. I think it’s great when you can appreciate natural beauty in spite of an artificial setting.

  2. Wow…amazing and anothe plus for always having a camera!

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