Morning Fire

On Monday morning I was slowly getting ready to head to work. After having five days off I wasn’t in much of a rush to get back to work. I left the apartment with just enough time to get to the commuter rail before the train. When I stepped outside I was overwhelmed by the sky. I couldn’t believe the colors and thickness of the clouds. It was like a fire in the sky. I jumped in the car hoping to get to the commuter parking with enough time to snap a few pictures before the train arrived. Now I’m glad I had to get up that morning for work or I would have missed this spectacular sky!

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  1. Wow! No photoshop or effects at all? Amazing!

  2. I didn’t do much to this photo at all. I fixed the contrast and added a detail filter so it was a little sharper. My lens tends to make images a bit “soft” and I sometimes like to see more detail. But it really did look like this…actually it looked even more amazing in person.

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