Simes House: Interior

As a foundraiser ($10 donation was required to participate) we were allowed to go inside the house for an hour and take as many pictures as we wanted. They had two (maybe three) groups during the day. This way they could keep it to only 10-12 photographers per group. Even with this small group of photographers I kept feeling as if I was in people’s way. I think this was the only panorama shot of a room that I took. I think I waited until everyone had gone through this room before I went back to get photos of it.

As you can see, they have a lot of work to be done! They are hoping to have it restored in the fall of 2013 but the woman told me they are already 6 months behind on their schedule. 

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  1. It will be interesting to see “after” shots. I find the house quite beautiful as it is…a credit to you, I’m sure, but also to the house itself.

  2. Yes, I’m hoping they will let us go back in and take photos when it is finished. I also find it beautiful in an interesting way.

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