Simes House: Exterior

On Saturday I met up with the Plymouth Photography MeetUp Group in Manomet at the Simes House. This is an old estate that has pretty much deteriorated and a group called the Simes House Foundation is trying to restore it and make it into a type of community center.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday morning. We had a bright blue sky without a single cloud to be seen. It was actually a little too pretty for this house. I was kind of hoping for some large dark clouds to give the image more of an ominous feel to it. Instead I experimented with adding some pre-designed filters to the images. I like the look of the first image the best. You can go to the foundation’s website to see ‘real’ photos of the house. 

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  1. Cool! I like the second image a lot. It looks unreal…between the contrast of the pitch black sky and the light which looks electrically generated…to the way the trees and bushes and house look like miniatures in someone’s creepy, dark diorama…

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