Saquish Beach Flower

Hopefully, there are still some flowers out at Saquish and they weren’t all pounded on by the torential rain from hurricane tropical storm Irene. We are still feeling some of the effects here from the storm but nothing compared to some of the places that had massive flooding. It’s more of a nuisance that there are still places without power. I came home yesterday morning from my parents house to find that I didn’t have any power at the apartment. Mom and Dad didn’t have power but they thankfully have the generator. When I got home from work I assumed the lights would be on but they weren’t. As I was packing my bags to head back down to my parents’ place the lights came back on. Unfortunately, for my parents they are still without power. 

My aunt didn’t have power either and so they headed out to Saquish this morning since the cottage has always run on a generator or solar power. Plus, the next few days are going to be beautiful so you might as well be at the beach.

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  1. We’ve got power, but I’m thinking of cutting the wire into the house so I’ve got an excuse to head out to the beach. 😉

  2. I hear ya. Two perfect days so far after the storm. Wish I was sitting at the beach enjoying the end of summer!

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