Saquish Beach Clams

Well, I’m writing this post a couple days early as I plan on heading to my parent’s house to wait out hurricane Irene. It should have hit us yesterday and hopefully, it wasn’t much of a storm.  I decided to ride out the storm at Mom and Dad’s since they have a generator,plus, it will be fun to hang out and play cards with them. Hopefully, there wasn’t a lot of beach erosion out at Saquis. There had already been a lot of damage from the winter storms and the dunes haven’t had time to build themselves back up very much.

This shot was from a walk my mom, aunt and I took on a quiet Saturday afternoon. I like how this clams were lined up as if they were just waiting for me to come along and take a photo.

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  1. I like your pov here…! Hope all is safe and there wasn’t too much damage!

  2. Thank you, Susan. Yes, everyone I know is safe. Most damage was fallen trees and branches which has knocked out the power. I got mine back tonight but my parents and one of my brothers are still out…going on 36 hours and it could be a day or two (or more) before they get them back. Mostly a nuisance, we are just glad no one was hurt.

  3. shirley

    Ditto on the POV. I like this a lot!

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