Maine: Hike

The family went up to my brother and sister-in-law’s place in Maine for a few days this past week. There were 9 of us all together. We were lucky enough to have my nephews also come up for a few days. Now that the boys are getting older I don’t see them very often so it was nice to spend time with them. On Thursday we went for a hike around a pond. My brother Jack spotted a porcupine so I tracked it down. Not a great shot as it kept trying to hide from me but since I had never seen one before I’m happy I at least caught a piece of her. My brother Chris and my Mom both said it’s a myth that porcupine’s throw their quills. It’s a good thing it’s only a myth as I was not aware of it and was chasing this one down to get the shot.

Maya managed to survive her stay in the cat boarding hotel. Although, when I showed up she was hiding in her box. When I picked her up she was purring like crazy and couldn’t wait to leave the place.  When she got home she seemed a bit confused and wandered around the apartment checking out each area. Yesterday, she still woke at 4am but she slept a lot during the day and stayed close to my side.

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  1. The landscape is a fantastic photo! I really love that there is so much to look at–the cairn, the way the tree looks like it’s moving, the clouds, the mountains in the distance–really fantastic.
    I’m afraid there are a couple of animals (like the porcupine) that I’ve only seen in ‘repose’ on the side of the road. They’re pretty shy, I think, so it’s hard to catch sight of one moving around.
    Glad Maya is happy to be back with you. I really miss the feeling of a purring cat. It might be good to get her used to it now. Seems like sometimes cats can be passive-aggressive and leave you little ‘gifts’ upon returning home!

  2. Thanks, Sandy. Yes, the landscape up there is beautiful. I really should have gone off in the car and taken more photos of the mountains/landscape but I was happy to spend time with the family at the cabin.
    If I could afford it I would leave Maya at the Cat Hotel just so I could get some sleep once a month 🙂 Okay, maybe not but it would be nice to sleep in once in awhile. She’s a very good kitty and gives me lots of love. Right now she just leaves me “toy” mice around the apartment…luckily we don’t have real ones although she would have a blast if we did!

  3. Love the cloudscape in the first shot…looks like a really nice place to hike!

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