Warm Light on Hull

Last week I showed shots from Saquish and Duxbury that were taking over Labor Day weekend. Well, those shots were on the Sunday of that weekend, this week we have shots from Hull that were taken on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. It’s not often that I go out two days in a row and take photos during sunset but I should make it more frequently as the photos look so much nicer with the warm setting light.

I drove through Nantasket Beach area and it was packed so I decided to keep driving further down and ended up at the very tip of Hull. I had some time before the sun would actually set on the water so I found this spot to take some shots. Looks like a nice spot to have a home 🙂 The open ocean is just to the left of the houses, maybe 50 feet from where I was standing.

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  1. It’s interesting how the warm light brings out such a vividness in the colors.

  2. Mostly, the light and maybe a little bit of tweaking the image in Lightroom. But the warm light really does enhance the colors.

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