Photo Walk: Taking in the View

Here’s the photo I ended up entering into the Photo Walk contest. Another shot from the top of Rocky Neck looking out onto Weir River. This is the same location from where I took Wednesday’s photo. I liked the composition of this shot better. I don’t typically have people in my shots but I liked how these two photographers were taking a break and looking out onto the landscape that I was shooting. I think they definitely add to the image. 

I mentioned in yesterday post that the weather cleared and we had a beautiful sunny day. What I didn’t mention is that it was in the 90s with at least 90% humidity. Of course this was the year I decided to carry extra gear (more lenses and a tripod)! I was dripping from sweat and my glasses kept fogging up. Made for an interesting photo shoot.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in helping me choose a final image. I’m already looking forward to next year’s 4th Annual Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk.

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  1. No doubt that I can totally relate to humidity and hot weather…ready for fall here in the muggy south big time!
    I really like this shot and the people add a nice perspective to it.

  2. I love this shot. I really like how you framed this shot with all the elements from the people to the boat; Very interesting composition.

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