Photo Walk: Rocky Neck

Today’s photo and tomorrow’s photo actually tied for first place in my poll. With that being the case, I made the decision as to which would be entered into the contest. So, this shot along Rocky Neck is runner up. I guess these must be the rocks that give Rocky Neck it’s name 🙂  As you can see the water was extremely calm that morning. You wouldn’t have known from this shot that the morning started off in complete fog. As we were waiting to meet up with the rest of the photographers the fog started to lift and we were presented with a lovely blue sky.

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  1. Nice shot landscape ( waterscape? lol ) shot. I like the way the earth acts as forground and curles into the side of the shot giving way to the blue water.

  2. Melissa

    This was my favorite!

  3. I thought I was going to go with this shot as the entry into the contest but I kept coming back to tomorrow’s photo. But it really could have gone either way.

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