A close up of one of the table decorations from the Old Colony beach party. My Uncle Bob’s wife (Donna) put together these beautiful displays. One lucky person from each table was able to take the display home. 

With these shots I was practicing my fill flash technique. I had taken a workshop class a couple weekends ago on outdoor fill flash. While I tried to meter for the bright background light and then have the flash fill in for the subject I still had to do a lot of adjustments in Lightroom to get it to look okay. As you can see I was working with some pretty harsh lighting conditions. Either people were under the tent so they were in shadow with the bright sun outside the tent. Or, they were outside in the bright afternoon sun which was casting shadows under everyone’s chin. You can definitely tell flash was used with these images (especially the two men on the left). So, it looks like I really need to get out and practice more with these types of situations. Especially, if I’m going to be taking a couple of senior photos outdoors.

When I got back from the beach and loaded the pictures onto the computer I discovered that just about every shot I took of someone was a profile shot. I think I was uncomfortable going up to people and asking if they would pose for me so I just sort of snapped shots of people. If I do this again I really need to talk more with the subject and have them look at the camera. Although, I do like the shot of Uncle John (bottom right corner).