Old Colony Club at Saquish

A week ago Saturday my aunt and uncle hosted the Old Colony Club of Plymouth out at Saquish. My uncle and cousin are members of this exclusive gentlemen’s club. It is the oldest men’s club in the US. 

The founding of the club:

“In January, 1769, a group of seven young Plymouth men; Isaac Lothrop, Pelham Winslow, Thomas Lothrop, Elkanah Cushman, John Thomas, Edward Winslow, Jr. and John Watson, met together to form a club, probably after the developing London model, which would avoid “…the many disadvantages and inconveniences that arise from intermixing with the company at the taverns in this town of Plymouth…” They then established the Old Colony Club, which met on a regular basis on Wednesday evenings.

In December of that year, they decided to hold their annual meeting on the anniversary of the December 11, 1620, Landing on Plymouth Rock. This celebration, originally referred to as “Old Colony Day” and later as “Forefathers’ Day,” was first observed on December 22, 1769. It should be noted that the use of the term “Pilgrims” to refer to the Plymouth colonists had not yet come into use. They were still just the local “forefathers” of the little community rather than the symbolic progenitors of the whole nation.”

You really can’t beat a party on the beach. It’s a lot of work to set this up (no electricity at the beach and you can only get there with 4 wheel drive) and I’m grateful to my aunt and uncle for allowing me to join in the fun.

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  1. Looks like they had perfect weather. Not a cloud in the sky as far as I can tell.
    I like the path down to the water someone cleared out in the rocks. Pretty clever.

  2. Uncle John shoveled the path through the rocks so that at high tide (and low tide) you can still go down into the water without having to step on all those rocks.
    And it was a perfect day. Just enough breeze to keep it nice and comfortable. Although, it did get cooler later in the day when everyone was leaving.

  3. Indeed, what a fantastic set-up…bet you had a great time!

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