Snowy Road

I still have a lot of images left over from the weekend storm of January 2010. I’m sure by the time I finish posting them we’ll have had another storm for me to shoot. At least I have something to post on the blog. 

I don’t typically like driving on roads like this because they are slippery and usually there is black ice just beneath the snowy surface. Although, living in New England sometimes you don’t have a choice. For this shot I just walked down the street with my camera. I do love the look of the roads covered with snow.

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  1. Very nice…has an Ansel Adams feel to it with the quality of black and white you captured/utilized…

  2. This has a wonderful atmosphere…I agree with Shirley’s comment-very Ansel Adams. Great shot.

  3. Another great winter image!

  4. I’m very fond of winter scenes and this is exceptionally lovely. I like the textures of the trees and the house. You mentioned this was taken in January. I was in NY in Jan. and somewhat aware of your storm but my attention was focused indoors at two beautiful newborn babies that blessed my daughter’s life. I took a lot of photos there. I just wish that some of them were the quality of the work you do!

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