January 2, 2010: And Then It Really Began To Snow

I woke up Saturday morning to another snow storm. I thought the snow wasn’t supposed to start falling until the afternoon but it started in the early morning hours and just kept on snowing into the late afternoon. What else was I going to do on a Saturday morning but grab the camera and head outside to get some more winter images.

The snow was coming down pretty good at times. I had my new LL Bean boots on that are amazing. My feet were actually hot at times. This is never heard of, my feet are always cold! It’s a good thing I ordered them right away as they are definitely getting lots of use (thanks for the Xmas gift, Dad)! I also wore my new fingerless gloves. These are the gloves that have a mitten part at the top that you can pull back so your fingers are exposed. They are very handy when taking pictures. My hands are always freezing when taking pictures in the cold because I can’t adjust the camera buttons with gloves/mittens on. With these I can keep the gloves on then just pull back the mitten top when I need to adjust the camera buttons. My hands still get a little cold but they are so much better with these gloves (thanks Aunt Jud and Uncle John)!

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  1. Shirley

    I love this shot because I know exactly where it is and it looks like somewhere else…completely. Talk about transformation.
    Great news on the toasty feet! And I love those gloves…

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