January 1, 2010: A Couple More Inches of Snow

I mentioned yesterday that I stayed over at my brother’s house for New Years. My newphew was kind enough to let me take his bed for the night. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sleep much. Went to bed sometime after 1am and woke up every 2 hours. Finally, at 7am I decided to read a book. At 7:30am I went downstairs for a drink of water and looked out the window to see that it had snowed even more over night. Ran back upstairs and grabbed the camera. I always enjoy being one of the first ones outside when we’ve had an early morning snow. It’s always so peaceful and the scenery so beautiful.

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  1. Well seen and captured…I like the way that a slight hint of color shows through the snow on the branches.
    Happy New Year!

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