Baby, it’s getting cold outside

I mentioned that last week we had a 70° day and now the weather has turned. It’s cold in the morning, high 20s, but warms up into the low 40s by the afternoon. I’m never quite ready for the cold but I’m always hoping for a white Christmas. Of course by March I’m done with the cold. Okay, by February I’m done with it but I go to Florida for a week so that helps.

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  1. Beautiful composition, beautiful tone, works great!

  2. In me it should be cold but the last few years the climate is so volatile and unpredictable for such foty have hunted. Great picture and good macro composition. Yours

  3. I’m done with the cold already!
    Your icicle looks like a horse jumping hurdles.

  4. Thank you all. Good catch, Mom. I didn’t notice the horse jumping hurdles but now that you point it out I can see it.

  5. Like beautiful crystals, lovely and elegant. Excellent simplistic composition with great clarity and DOF.

  6. Brrr! It’s freezing here in San Francisco, too. Really, it’s been in the 30’s

  7. This is a really wonderful image..very beautiful. Sounds like you’re experiencing the crazy temperature extremes that we have here-you never know what it’s going to do day to day.afj

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