It’s a Buoy!

For yesterday’s shot I had gone over to the front beach early to setup my tripod by the water and to wait for the full moon to rise. This buoy was lying near the spot I had setup and the colors called out to be captured. It was a rather cool night and most people were inside. A few people had setup their bonfires so I knew they would be coming back out. However, for a good half hour or more it was just me enjoying the stillness of the beach.

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  1. I agree the colors and tones are truly eye catching and vibrant. Love the contrast with the beach. Excellent shot with a perfect DOF.

  2. Shirley

    Mmm. I love it. It was nice to hear the back story… Perhaps because of it, the buoy looks like a torch, or an orange marshmallow on a stick 🙂 I love how the seaweed squiggles away towards the back of the shot.

  3. The buoy is so colorful and vibrant…nice tones s and dof here.

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