Point Jude

This might be my favorite shot with the full moon in it.

The Gurnet/Saquish Association has a calendar fundraiser. You are allowed to enter one photo into the contest in hopes that your photo is picked as one of the images in the calendar. Last year I entered this photo of the Gurnet Lighthouse which ended up being picked. This year I entered a photo looking out over Duxbury Bay at sunset (I may have a smilar image of it posted in a couple weeks). I also entered the above image under my aunt’s name. Seeing as her name is Judy I thought this photo of the boat “Point Jude” was appropriate. Well, I just got an email saying who’s photos were picked for the calendar. My entry wasn’t picked but Aunt Jud’s was- Congrats, Aunt Jud!

Brrrr, October 1st and it’s 38° out this morning!

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  1. Shirley

    Just gorgeous. I love the rose-colored wash on everything… How the setting sun is making itself known even though we can’t see her.

  2. Wonderful picture Jamie. It’s now setup as my desktop background on my laptop.
    And congratulations on having it selected for next year’s calendar. Sounds like I’ll have to buy a copy.

  3. Aunt Jud

    I didn’t realize I was such a great photographer!!

  4. So beautiful and peaceful…congrats on being picked!

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