Surfs Up?

When I first arrived at Duxbury harbor I noticed a young man with a surf board. I thought it a little odd that he was at the harbor and not over at Duxbury beach but didn’t really dwell on it. I thought it was pretty funny when I looked up and saw the same guy and another man paddling on their surf boards to get to their boats. I’d say they have pretty good balance!

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  1. Interesting…

  2. That’s really popular in Maui. Seriously.

  3. I guess I could see it happening in Maui. I don’t see a lot of surfers around here. There were even a few people trying to surf out at Saquish during Labor Day!

  4. Nice shot and some slick balancing by those guys!

  5. That relatively new sport is called PaddleBoarding I think. I would love to try it… it is supposed to be pretty good exercise!

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