Here comes the sun…

I was walking back towards the car with my equipment when one of the guys going out fishing asked me “aren’t you going to wait for the sun to rise?” I had been thinking of heading over to the beach to get some shots but then decided to stay at the harbor and was very happy I made that choice. I thought shooting directly at the sun was going to really blow out the image but I love how the sun is just peaking over the horizon.

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  1. These are beautiful…but I love even more knowing that another soul was there with you and made contact…which resulted in your unexpected happiness.

  2. Nicely said Shirley. That man has no idea that by just saying those few words to me it resulted not only in my own happiness but being able to share it with others. A reminder that everyday we do things that can affect others without even realizing it.

  3. So neat to see the sunRISE over the ocean. It’s been years for me. Seen a gazillion sunSETS here on the West Coast. Beautiful shots, Jamie.

  4. Love this series of shots…glorious!

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