After the viewing the catacombs we headed back to Rome. Instead of taking the bus back we decided to walk. It ended up being about a 6 mile walk from where we began on the Appian Way back to our hotel next to the Pantheon. I think the shot of Chris and Karen was taken while I was crawling on my hands and knees! Okay, I may not having been crawling but I was definitely limping, by the time we made it back to the hotel. I won’t show my photos of the blisters on my feet but they were basically bloody red. We filled the tub with water and the three of us sat and soaked our feet.

The top photo is of Circus Maximus. “The last race at the Circus Maximus was held in AD 549, almost a millennium after the first races were held at this location. Today only the layout of the original circus can be seen in what is now a large grassland. Most of the original structure has been used as building material for medieval and Renaissance constructions.”

Reference: A View on Cities