Our original goal was to go to the Appian Way so we could see the catacombs. I didn’t realize how beautiful the walk down the Appian Way would be. I ended up liking the walk more than going in the catacombs. We stopped at the first catacombs we came to which were the Catacombs of St. Sebastian. Before the tour began they asked that we respect the dead and not take any photos in the catacombs so I don’t have any images down below. This church is above the catacomb and was where the tour ended. The catacombs themselves were very interesting but the tour was much too short.

The bottom photo is a shot of the Martyrdom of St. Sebastian created by Antonio Giorgetti who was an assistant to Bernini.

“Today the tomb of St. Sebastian is in the basilica, but his original resting place was in the catacombs underneath it. From the reign of Valerian to the reign of Constantine, the bodies of Sts. Peter and Paul were hidden in the catacombs. The big church was built in the 4th century. The tunnels here, if stretched out, would reach a length of 11km (6 2/3 miles). In the tunnels and mausoleums are mosaics and graffiti, along with many other pagan and Christian objects from centuries even before the time of Constantine. Though the catacombs themselves are fascinating, the tour here is one of the shortest and least satisfying of all the catacomb visits.”

Reference: Frommer’s