The Pantheon

The hotel we stayed at in Rome was in a perfect location. We were literally right behind the Pantheon. If I was at all confused about where the hotel was I just needed to find a sign to the Pantheon. Who knew the directions to the Pantheon would be located on a McDonald’s sign! Okay, it’s pretty obvious that the Pantheon is right in front of the McDonald’s sign but there were other McDonald’s signs further away with the same directions.

“As the best preserved and most elegant ancient building in the city- if not the world- the Pantheon (‘temple to all gods’) merits multiple visits. It was designed and possibly built by Hadrian from a.d. 118 to 125, in a form governed  by circles and squares- shapes which, as Vitruvius worte (and leonardo later immortalized in his drawing the Vitruvian Man), the human body most naturally occupies. The Pantheon’s perfectly hemispherical, poured-concrete dome is 43m (141 ft) tall and wide- 1m (3 ft) wider than the dome of St. Peter’s.

Reference: Frommer’s Rome day by day

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  1. Love the selective color work on the McDonald’s sign-perfect!

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