Artist at Campo de Fiori

Here we have another artist. Chris, Karen and I decided to go to dinner one night in Piazza Campa d. Fiori. As we were walking around the plazza trying to decided on a restaurant we saw this young man spray painting. We actually watched for quite awhile, fascinated that these were all created usiing spray paint and stencils- as far as tools go, then there was a lot of artistic technique that was added to it.

“Campo di’ Fiori is popular through the day and night. It is frequented by fruit and vegetable vendors in the day while its international style pubs attract a different crowd in the evenings. It also serves as an area for performances in the evening as well as a loitering spot for the young at night. It is also a setting place for Saturday carnivals. It is indeed a people’s square in all senses.”

Reference: Ultimate Italy

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  1. Shirley


  2. It was also amazing how quickly he could create his art work. He made it look so easy!

  3. Great images of an artist at work-I’m always amazed at this type of medium.

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