Hippodrome/Stadium of Domitian

I could have sworn I took a bunch of photos of this to create a pano but this was all I had on my computer. Not that there is much missing but it would have been nice to have included more of the right side of the image.

“The field was apparently occupied by parts of the Domus Augustana, which, in turn, adjoined the enormous stadium. The stadium alone is worth examination, although sometimes it’s difficult to get down inside it. The perfectly proportioned area was usually used for private games staged for the amusement of the imperial family. As you look down the stadium from the north end, you can see, on the left side, the semicircular remains of a structure identified as Domitian’s private box. Some archaeologists claim that this stadium was actually an elaborate sunken garden.

The aqueduct that comes up the wooded hill used to supply water to the Baths of Septimius Severus, whose difficult-to-understand ruins lie in monumental poles of arched brick at the far end of the stadium.”

reference: Frommer’s


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  1. nice photo-
    The semi-circular structure is actually
    100 years later than Domitian, built by
    Emperor Septimius Severus.

  2. Thanks for the information Rob. So much history in Rome that I ended up researching everything when I got home from my Italy vacation.

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