Via Positanesi d’America

A favorite part of my trip to Positano was another walk mentioned in the Fodor’s book. From where I was standing taking the images of yesterday’s photos there was a staircase that lead to the Via Positanesi d’America, the loveliest seaside walkway on the coast. The images above are taken from along this walkway. There was also a restaurant built into the mountain along the walkway where we stopped for lunch. The owner and her son were very friendly. The son had been to America so we chatted with him about where he had visited. The food was very good and as you can see the view was spectacular.

At the end of this walkway we came to another beach where Chris and Karen had to stop and search for more rocks. Nothing like carrying a little extra weight in the back pack!

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  1. Sis Karen

    Hey, you even managed to capture some of the blueness of the water! Lovely shots.

  2. Lovely tones and just great framing. Such atmosphere and beauty!!

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