Torre Trasita

As I mentioned while Chris and Karen were searching the beach for rocks I was off taking photos of the water. I had a lot of fun watching the waves crash against the rocks and trying to time my shot perfectly. It took quite a few images to finally capture what I was looking for in the image on the left. I liked this part of the day. I got to take my time and play with the settings on the camera and I was also able to take a little time to relax and take in the extraordinary scenery.

The tower in these images is called the Torre Trasita. “It is the most distinctive of Positano’s three coastline defense towers, which define the edges of Positano in various states of repair. The Trasita- now a residence occasionally available for summer rental- was one of the defense towers used to warn of pirate raides.” (Fodor’s Naples, Capri & the Amalfi Coast)

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  1. Sis Karen

    To think we missed you capturing the wave crashing in midair (GREAT shot! by the way) while our heads were to the ground…but I do love all the interesting beach debris we picked up. It was one of my favorite moments too, the rain falling, engrossed in beachcombing and just relaxing with the sound of the ocean. Thanks for bringing back the memory with your pictures.

  2. Love the catch of the sea spray!

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