Rusty Lock

A few people wanted to know what was in the chest from last week’s post Hidden Treasure. Well, I really wish I knew but as you can see it’s locked pretty tight. It may be a bit rusty but I still think it would have been quite the challenge for me to try to break it. Also, I’m not much for breaking and entering.

I realized I hadn’t used my new 55-250mm lens very much so I made sure to take it out of the bag when I was at Webb Memorial Park. I find I end up taking more wide angle shots or I’m just not zooming into things at a distance. However, this chest was below a small cliff so I couldn’t get any closer to this lock without using the longer lens. Okay, I could probably have jumped down onto the beach and walked over to it but I really needed to start using the new lens.

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  1. Great dof, detail, and textures here!

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