Pining Away

Since people didn’t seem to mind my ramblings yesterday I thought I might ramble just a little more. Mom’s comment, “I guess we should all carry cameras to remind us of the every day wonders and to seek out the new,” hit on another ‘hidden treasure’ aspect of my hobby. You would think with a background in video production that I would have an eye for detail. Well, once I started really getting out there with the digital camera I realized that I started seeing more and more things that I had never noticed. I’m much more aware of my surroundings. Well, actually I’m unaware of some things going on around me but more fine tuned into things that catch my eye.

I use to walk with my head down, looking at my feet. Now I find when I’m walking I’m looking all around seeing what jumps out at me at that moment. This can be good and bad. Good when I’m walking alone but not as good when I’m with someone else. Sometimes I get pulled away from the conversation because I see something that catches my eye as a photo op. and get lost in my JETeye. I’ve said it before but sometimes it really is all about the blog! Gotta get those 5 images for the week!

“We should all carry cameras to remind us of the every day wonders…” has really worked for me. Not only have my eyes opened up to everything around me but I think it has also opened my soul more. I am constantly amazed at the beauty that can be seen on a short walk to work or where ever I am at the moment. Small things (like this pine cone) or sweeping landscapes (Tuesday’s photo) can both leave me speechless and grateful that I’m able to experience the wonder of them.

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  1. Hey Jamie – Congratulations on yesterday’s post being selected as Pixy Blog’s ‘Daily Shot’!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Shirley

    Yo captured the gorgeousness and wonder of a simple pinecone. Lovely.
    I have moments like that, too, when I am with someone and then completely distracted and absorbed by something I want to photograph…

  3. Again, well said. I love the simplicity of this shot…and congrats on getting yesterday’s “Daily Shot”!

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