Webb Memorial State Park: Pano 2

This shot is looking out on the Hingham Bay side of Webb Memorial State Park. There was a nice big hill that I climbed which gave me a wonderful panoramic view of the park. In the left corner you can see a small section of water. That was basically the area where I was standing when I took yesterday’s shot.

I’ve been told that it is now Spring. Well, you sure could have fooled me yesterday! It only made it to a high of 31°. A big difference from the 50° we had on Sunday. You would think having lived in New England almost all of my life that I would be use to this type of crazy New England weather. For some reason I find March a very difficult month (with regards to the weather). It probably has to do with Mother Nature teasing us with a couple warm days here and there and then reminding us that it could still snow at any time. Oh well, that’s why I wear layers and layers of clothing…I’m ready for whatever she throws at me.

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  1. Beautiful panoramic view of the bay. I’ve gotta say – I find March the cruelest and longest of months. Time for some warm weather…and some real spring!!!

  2. Thanks, Marcie. Let’s hope April is warmer.

  3. Melissa

    Nice shots! I never knew that park was there. Mother Nature’s a bitch, huh? Gotta respect her though.

  4. Love the cloudscape in this shot…hang in there…spring is right around the corner!

  5. Sis Karen

    This is a cool shot. It strikes me as a bit of an optical illusion (the pond in the center almost rising up on the left edge, like it is concave.) Chris tells me there is a term for the curved line of water, for example in a test tube. He says it is the miniscus (spelling?) I’ll take his word for it!

  6. I’ll take Chris’ word for it because I didn’t do well in science. I would just say, “it looks cool.”

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